«Transistor circuit analysis and design» . «Transistor circuit analysis and design».

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See also: Transistor circuit types Transistor circuits lie at the very centre of today’s electronic circuit design technology. Although integrated circuits are used for many circuits these days, basic transistor circuit design is often required in a variety of areas.

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So the next time try to solve for Vgs directly

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The FET controls the flow of electrons (or electron holes ) from the source to drain by affecting the size and shape of a "conductive channel" created and influenced by voltage (or lack of voltage) applied across the gate and source terminals. (For simplicity, this discussion assumes that the body and source are connected.) This conductive channel is the "stream" through which electrons flow from source to drain.

Here's a transistor circuit that implements an inverter , or NOT gate:

Transistor packages are made of glass, metal, ceramic, or plastic. The package often dictates the power rating and frequency characteristics. Power transistors have larger packages that can be clamped to heat sinks for enhanced cooling. Additionally, most power transistors have the collector or drain physically connected to the metal enclosure. At the other extreme, some surface-mount microwave transistors are as small as grains of sand.


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